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Data Services

There are many discounts available through the post office, but only if your list is correct, standardized, and correctly sorted. The data processing department at CES Mail can identify every discount that your mail qualifies for, and will ensure that your address data is optimized to receive these discounts. We also offer many other services to assist our customer’s list needs, ranging from confidential data transmissions to strategic post office deliveries.

Data Processing Services, Raleigh, NC


We realize that your list of customers is the greatest asset that you have… However, not everyone has a mail list.  Not every mailing needs to go to current customers.  Sometimes, your campaign needs to reach a certain region, or you need to reach out for new prospective customers.  Whatever the reason, we can help you acquire that list.  Our customer service representatives work with you to reach your target audience, and handle the list ordering on your behalf with our trusted list brokers.

USPS Mail Tracking
  • We can provide a link for you to track your own mail
  • This link will give you up-to-date delivery information on your mailing and gives you a multitude of graphical options to use for current job tracking or future logistical planning.
File Exporting
Any list updates or address removals can be sent back to you, upon request, so you can keep your list as up to date as possible. This includes:

  • Invalid Address Removals
  • Incomplete Address Removals
  • Duplicate Address Removals
  • Deceased Recipient Removals
  • NCOA Invalid Address Removals
  • NCOA Address Updates

Address Correction

These services are required by the USPS in order to qualify for Presorted Discounted Rates.

CASS Certification
Coding Accuracy Support Systems

  • Verifies Addresses are Valid with Correct Zip Codes
  • Standardizes the Delivery Address
Locatable Address Conversion System

A Postal Service database that automatically converts addresses from an old format or name to a new format or name, such as changing old format Rural Route addresses to the new Street name addresses.

Delivery Point Verification

A USPS validation process that confirms the existence of a specific address (down to the apartment or suite number) and whether or not it can be delivered to.

National Change of Address

Our software compares mail lists to the USPS database of Address Changes and automatically changes the addresses that match to their new addresses


Merge/purge is the process of merging records from one data source or multiple data sources and eliminating duplicate records.

Data Entry

CES can maintain and manage your database for you. We use Automation Programming to allow for any special rules regarding printing or list management.


Feel safe in accessing our Secure FTP site, hosted locally to ensure top security on all files sent and received. You will have 24/7 access to your uploaded files, and through the secure connection, you will be the only person off-site with access to these files.

HIPAA Compliant

Through our many dealings with Federal Government projects, we have enacted specific regulations that are meant to prevent breaches in the creation, sharing, storage regulations, and disposal of ePHI and our on-site handling of materials.

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