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Direct Mail

CES Mail has been serving our customers for over 55 years. We’ve nurtured and solidified key relationships with the US Postal Service in order to guarantee the success of your direct mail and fulfillment projects. As a certified vendor for Mail Anywhere, we are able to take your mail to any post office for delivery, regardless of where the permit for the mail may be held.

Direct Mail, Raleigh, NC


Utilizing the fastest and highest resolution inkjet print head technology, our inkjets meet the increasing and rigorous demands for printing variable addresses, graphics, dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers, and text on coated and uncoated substrates.


Our Bell and Howell Pinnacle camera systems allow us to match document mailings at record speeds. This equipment also allows us to increase intelligence and comply with ever-changing HIPAA compliance standards. The Pinnacle Folder and Inserter offers world-class enterprise technology to keep important business documents secure. It features a throughput of 11,000 per hour— with C-fold, Z-fold, Single-Fold, or Double-Fold and No-Fold options. The Pinnacle gives CES Mail enhanced versatility featuring advanced barcode scanning options like 2D, 1D and OMR to help group variable sets of pages automatically and ensure that the right customers receive the right number of pages. Best-in-class privacy protection software tracks the assembly of every page of a mailing down to an individual recipient level.


CES can meet all of your tabbing and stamping needs with its high speed tabbers. Whether you need 1 tab or 6 tabs, stamps, or labels our tabbers can handle any application you need. These tabbers handle large 18” diameter rolls and runs all major types of tabs as well as pressure sensitive stamps and labels of various shapes and sizes that can be placed on a wide variety of products.


CES has many efficiency folders for high quality results. From intricate folds to simple half folds, we have top performance machines for all your folding needs.


Our handwork department handles all the projects that are not able to be automated. These projects need our TLC in many areas and we have years of experience and quality control standards to ensure that each project is correctly and efficiently processed.


Oh so much fun! We love kitting projects. We have lovingly kitted plush Great Danes and all the collateral material to sand dollars lying in a tin of sand to custom kitting of printed personalized packaging items. If you can imagine it, we can kit it!

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