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Maybe you need a partner to fulfill hundreds of customers’ orders a day. Or, maybe you have a vibrant, busy sales force who need tradeshow supplies delivered correctly and on time. Or – maybe you just want to get your inventory and the neighborhood teenagers out of your garage! Give us a call, we can help!


Our convenient location and economical warehouse charges allow for cost-effective servicing and fulfillment of B2C, B2B, collateral, and sample material programs. We will promptly and efficiently pack and ship your materials to consumers, retailers, distributors, sales staff, or warehouse clubs via FedEx, UPS, USPS, or international channels.

We apply the same rigorous standards of our commercial fulfillment to residential orders. Personalized marketing materials are available to be included in outgoing shipments of samples or products purchased, with the understanding that your customer’s order experience is paramount to generating a repeat sale.

We are kitting specialists! Do you have a list of items that you need to get out in the field ASAP? We’ve kitted sand dollars into tins, name tags, tshirts, pens, and other tchotchkes into tote bags for large conferences, and multiple versions of marketing brochures, signage, and other display materials into cases for tradeshows. We can create “sets” of your inventory to encourage your customers to buy in bulk, or can separate inventory arriving in bulk from overseas into individual packages to encourage repeat sales.

Computerized Inventory and Order Control

Our Inventory and Order Management software delivers superior inventory control, accurate customer order processing, efficient procurement functions, and elegant data collection applications, which allow us to provide our customers with up to the minute, accurate information.  We provide robust, detailed reporting, and provide information that you need, delivered on whatever schedule works for you, in whatever format is required.


Already have a website?  We specialize in Ecommerce with ERP integration.  Need a website?  We can help with that too.  Our goal is to provide efficient automation, but with a personal touch (unlike the big pink “A”-lephant in the room”).  Your customers deserve it!

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